Furoshiki Cloth Wrapping Paper


Furoshiki Cloth Wrapping Paper

Furoshiki (風呂敷) are traditional Japanese wrapping cloths traditionally used to wrap and/or to transport goods.

Perfect for an eco friendly gifting for any occasion.

Perfect ample size of 100 cm x 100 cm.

Material: 100% Cotton

Lovingly handmade in Melbourne, Australia by Akiko Catbun.

Beautifully curated versatile patterns for any use ( eg: bento box, Catbun’s plushies, birthday gift, newborn swaddle, christmas present, get well soon gift, tote bag ).

  1. Spring Sprigs
  2. Blue Sprouts
  3. Pink Flora
  4. Succulent Flora
  5. Rainbow Rain
  6. Colourful Rainbows
  7. Baby Animals
  8. Cowboy Dessert

Each Catbun cutie is personalised, professionally crafted, vegan and cruelty free.

Pop in here to visit our cuties.

They are Perfect as a gift with each toy hand wrapped in a box ready to gift.

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